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Produce Videos

At Heinen’s, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality fruits and vegetables possible. While our produce buyers are experts at finding the finest produce from around the world, we’re a little extra proud of our local produce selection, sourced from farms and growers with whom we’ve had relationships for many years. Looking for organic? We have that covered too. Regardless of what’s on your Grocery List, when you step in our Produce Department, we’re firm believers that you’ll taste the difference. 

The History of Zellers Family Farm

Learn more about Zellers, which has a history as rich as the soil it tills. 


Unique Muck Soil at Zellers Farm

Discover the role the rich soil at Zellers Farm plays in producing great quality produce.


Heinen's & Zellers: A Valued Relationship

Learn about the history of our partnership with Zellers.

Produce Rating System
Discover how we use rating systems and testing to make sure you get the best fruits and veggies possible!


Heinen’s Tomatoes
Take a behind-the-scenes look at Heinen's tomatoes and tips for how to store them at home.
Produce Standards
Learn about where we procure our produce and the rigorous testing it goes through before you bring it home.